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Ernest the Chicken quest can be frustrating. Here is a comprehensive, easy to follow guide to doing Ernest the www.honmac.com Chicken Quest. Ernest the Chicken Quest involves solving three puzzling situations to obtain RuneScape items. The most frustrating puzzle is an underground RuneScape maze that involves solving a difficult order of lock combinations. Here is the guide for Ernest the Chicken quest.

Ernest the Chicken Quest Guide; Summary of Ernest the Chicken Quest:

In Ernest the chicken quest, the RuneScape character Veronica is disturbed because her fiancé vanished. Appearently, he got lost in Draynor Manor. Your job in Ernest the Chicken Quest is to rescue him.

Ernest the Chicken quest is a medium length RuneScape quest and requires no RuneScape skill except dodging a level 22 skeleton. The RuneScape items you need for Ernest the Chicken Quest are spade, poison, fish food, rubber tube, and oilcan. These items are inside Draynor Manor and can be picked up during the Ernest the chicken quest.

Ernest the Chicken Quest Guide; Starting the Ernest the Chicken Quest:

Start Ernest the chicken quest by talking with Veronica. Veronica is found at the Draynor manor gate, on the southern end of the estate. When you talk to Veronica, Veronica will express concern over her missing fiancé. Tell Veronica you will help find him.

Head up the path and enter the main door. Although you cannot exit by this entrance, you can enter and exit at through a side door on the east. Head up two staircases. There you will see Professor Oddenstein. When you talk to him, you will need to ask about Ernest the chicken. The long and short of it is that Ernest the chicken needs to be turned back into a man and you need to find a rubber tube, an oilcan, and a pressure gauge that were stolen from the professor's machine.

Ernest the Chicken Quest Guide; Obtaining the Rubber Tube:

It doesn't matter which item in the Ernest the Chicken quest you obtain first. So in this guide, I will start with the rubber tube. The rubber tube is in a locked room with a level 22 skeleton, and you need to find the key. Head to the east end of the first floor (where the red dots are) and take the spade. Exit through the door and go to the west side of the estate. There is a compost pile between the farming patches. Search the compost and uncover the key. Backtrack inside to the room by the stairs. Open the door, grab the rubber tube, and leave.

Ernest the Chicken Quest Guide; Obtaining the Oilcan:

Now lets get the oilcan. This part of the Ernest the chicken quest is easier with the new RuneScape animations. It is a RuneScape maze with different levers that open or close different doors. The doors that are open look ajar with the new RuneScape animations, very helpful in doing the Ernest the chicken quest!

To get to this maze with these doors, you need to get to the basement. Go to the southwest corner of Draynor manor; the room with the ladder is walled off. You will need to search a bookcase on the west wall of the adjacent room in order to enter this room.

Start by pulling levers A and B, in the main room. There are two doors on the north side of this room; go through the door on the right side. In this room are levers C and D. Pull only lever D, then exit the left door of the west wall. Enter the main room again through the south door and pull levers A and B again.

Exit back through the left door on the northern wall. Open the west door to enter the adjacent room, and exit through the north door to reach more levers. Pull levers E and F. Go through two east doors to return to the room that contains levers C and D. This time, pull only lever C and then return to the room containing levers E and F through the same doors, now west side doors. Pull lever E, then exit through the east door. Open and pass oil press machine through two south side doors to return to the main room. Open the west door to enter the room and take the oilcan. Exit the room, climb the ladder, and pull the lever on the wall to open the bookcase.

Ernest the Chicken Quest Guide, Obtaining the Pressure Gauge to complete Ernest the Chicken Quest:

Now you need to obtain the pressure gauge. In a small room east of the basement entrance is a bottle of poison. Take the poison, then head upstairs. You will see a red dot on the minimap south of the staircase; take the fish food there and use the poison with it. Then exit the mansion and head to the southwest corner of the estate where you will find a fountain with vicious fish. Feed the fish in the fountain with the poisoned food. When the fish are dead, search the fountain to obtain the pressure gauge. Complete the Ernest the chicken quest by giving the three items to the professor. The professor turns Ernest the chicken back into a human.

Ernest the Chicken Quest Guide; Quest Spoilers:

Here are the spoilers of the Ernest the Chicken quest. The Ernest the chicken quest gives you 300 pieces of RuneScape gold and four RuneScape quest points. Because you need 33 RuneScape quest points to enter the Champion's guild and start Dragon Slayer, it's advantageous to do Ernest the Chicken quest to obtain the four quest points.

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